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Team Chumba is made up of a diverse international field of ambassadors that represent the best values in the sport of cycling. Our riders contribute to their local riding communities and grow our sport through their ambitious riding endeavors both bikepacking and racing. We are lucky to include team riders who not only embody our mission at CHUMBA USA, but who also push themselves to the limit. Whether they are going all out over the whole 2700+ miles of Tour Divide to compete for a top finish or exploring the backcountry and going where no bike has gone before we can count on these ladies and gents to put our bikes through the harshest conditions and come out smiling.

Alexandera Houchin - Ultrarace and 2018/19 Back to back Tour Divide 1st finisher

Bikes are my world. They’re my culture and my religion; a bridge marrying the division between all the worlds I exist in. Bikepacking is a way for me to connect with my mind, my body, and the Earth in ways I never was able to before. Participating in endurance races leaves room for a multitude of lessons to learn. Whether you cross the finish first, or overcome a mental hurdle, the victories in endurance racing are a plenty. It’s on the trail and in these events where I have found my heroes. The mad, mad trail is the only place in the entire world where I feel like I belong so when I hit the trail, it’s not going on vacation, it’s coming home.
Alexandera is now the only female rider with back to back Tour Divide wins, she also holds the fastest Grand Depart finish time and the Womens Single Speed course record! Follow along with her ride journal

Roberto Garcia y Lema - Adventure Photographer - Backcountry Expeditions

"My cyclist mind is more wanderer than racer. Since I was a child, bikes have been transporting me from one dream to another or as I realized in the last year, from one photo to the next. I enjoy photography off the saddle a lot. I hope to meet most of you someday, looking forward to share our experiences while drinking a beer or even for planning some new CHUMBA trip. Of course, if you ever come to Spain (for biking, working or whatever) our home is your home." Roberto traveled in 2015 to Morocco to ride for 1,300km over 22 days along the south of the Atlas mountains and the north of the Sahara desert. 2016 he rode across Israel threading a route from the Syrian to the Red Sea. Robetro travels aboard our Ursa Major Titanium fatbike with 4.8" tires. For these desert trips he's shouldered up to 12L of water at a time and camera gear!

Duncan Ledingham - Ultra Racer - Backcountry Bikepacking

Duncan started riding bikes shortly after learning to balance. Ever since, his passion on the bike has created many adventures and stories to tell. Originally from Scotland and now living in the French Alps, Duncan's main discipline is bike-packing, sometimes racing but mainly exploring in the mountains. Having never owned an automobile in life, my primary focus is to promote the use of the bicycle and inspire people to use it more in everyday life. He is planning to race the French Divide this year!

Alex Alexiades - Ultra Racer - PRO/CAT 1 XC - Backcountry Expeditions

Alex guided and climbed all over the world for over 10 years, completing numerous first ascents including six new mixed ice and rock routes over 18,000ft in Bolivia before turning his attentions to mountain biking in 2012. During his first year on a mountain bike he got a podium in a 24 hour solo race, coming in 3rd. After that he was hooked on ultra-endurance distance racing and riding, taking podiums again in 24 hour solos and tying with fellow Chumba rider Joey Parent for 1st Place Rookie in the Trans North Georgia Adventure race. Alex currently lives in Yakima where, in addition to racing and riding all over the country, he also does a lot of mountaineering and alpine skiing. He is recently completed bikepacking trips in Ecuador, Patagonia, and Tibet and competed in 24 Hour Solo World Championships. photo cred: Cass Gilbert @whileoutriding

Joey Parent - Ultra Racer - Endurance Racing - Backcountry Expeditions

Joey isn't content to just ride the local loop. Recently, he completed a 500+ mile tour in Iceland all on horse trails, lava fields, and dirt roads. He also just completed his first Trans-North Georgia Race winning 1st as a Rookie. Joey has a true passion for the outdoors and as Virginia Commonwealth Univ.'s Assistant Director for the Outdoor Adventure Program he was one of the first to offer bikepacking as an outdoor pursuit. photo cred: Brett Davis

Andrew Sayers - Endurance Racing - Ultra Racer - Single Speed

Vince Colvin - Purveyor of Bike Dreams @ Chumba USA

Combining years as a bike shop mechanic with an MFA in Art, Vince enjoys the details and seeks to design durable bikes that will outlive temporary trends. Vince rides and races a range of disciplines to real world test our designs and understand the component needs of our team riders and customers. Combined with bikepacking experience aboard our range of models in Ecuador, Arizona, Colorado, Virginia and Texas Vince can speak towards building & riding Chumba bikes in a wide variety of terrains and formats. Vince also handles all our custom builds and support questions, so hit him up if you have questions! He enjoys creating unique bikes that suit the needs of each rider built on a relationship of listening and collaboration. photo cred: Cass Gilbert @whileoutriding

Austin Walker - Bearded Wizard

You’ll find Austin stomping out most of Texas’s single speed endurance events either on his Stella Ti or Terlingua. We are stoked to have Austin rolling on our brand new Del Amo Road prototype also! Austin always brings positive energy to the ride and unique colors to his stunning builds!

Kody Gibson - Adventure Film/Photo - Backcountry Bikepacking - CHUMBA Video Editing

Kody is a filmmaker, photographer, and outdoor addict. He simply refers to himself as a happy camper, and we can vouch for that! You'll find Kody on most of our adventures sharing his film expertise. Kody's enthusiasm with a bike and camera inspires us to take great photographs and soak in the beautiful destinations where we ride.

Brian Jett - Ultra Racer - PRO/CAT 1 XC - Backcountry Bikepacking

Ever since I can remember, I've been on a bike. It got me where I needed to go, kept me in shape & make the best of friends. Competing in mtb and road, plus bmx, both freestyle and race, the one thing I continue to like the most about cycling, is freedom. The bike can transform any person, it has no boundaries. The challenge of adventure and endurance racing pushes my physical, mental and emotional limits. Riding makes me whole.

Eric Breckinridge - PRO/CAT1 XC - Endurance MTB - Cyclocross - CHUMBA Pro Wheel Builder / Mechanic

Eric lives and breathes bikes whether pushing himself to the limit racing PRO/Cat 1 or cruising downtown in flip flops on his vintage 3 speed. Give this guy an excuse to ride and expect to spend the rest of the day trying to keep up with him!

Lisa Lennon - XC - Endurance Racing - CAT 1 XC

Lisa's passion for cycling runs deep. She cycles everywhere-- from commuting to work to training road rides. But her real love is the trail. She loves mountain biking, and endurance mountain biking is her sport of choice. She recently won first place in the Slicks and Knobbies category in the 24 Hours in the Canyon at Palo Duro Canyon and Master's Women in the Tour of the White Mountains in Pinetop, Arizona. She will be competing in the TMBRA Endurance Series, the Austin Rattler-- to try her hand at qualifying for the Leadville 100, and future Epic Rides, possibly either the Grand Junction Off-Road or Carson City Off-Road.

Jason Smith - XC - Endurance Racing Single Speed

Single speed guru and all around shredder, Jason leads group rides all over the Austin area and serves as an inspiration to those who ride with him to improve and have fun.

Richard Lewis - XC Single Speed

A firm believer that you should take advantage of great trails at your disposal no matter where you live, Richard has been riding and racing in the Appalachian foothills since ‘98. From the beginning, he has focused on being an ambassador of the sport by encouraging others to push their boundaries, be it on a casual trail ride with old (and new) friends, or testing their mettle at a local race, all in the name of fun. He competes in the Sport Single Speed class of the Ohio Mountain Bike Championship Series.

Melinda Steele - XC Endurance - Bikepacking

Katy McGuire - Cyclocross - Endurance Gravel Grinding

Tyson Pendergrass - XC Endurance - Single Speed