Every Chumba is Made in USA.

CHUMBA Select Steel Tubing

Each frame starts as a batch of tubes that matches our build of materials. Our chosen blend of steel double butted tubing from the worlds leading manufacturers allow our bikes to be a unique blend of the toughest, lightest, and best made materials in the industry. Tube sets are chosen per model to achieve the perfect ride quality. We always use a few guiding principles though: 

  • MTB's get our bent double-butted down tube to strengthen the steering junction by supporting the head tube from impacts on the trail more horizontally then a straight tube would.

  • Oversized chain-stays to ensure everything you put into the bike gets transferred into the trail and is stable loaded down. Bends and profiles are chosen per model, but they are all oversized.

  • Oversized main triangle tubes to miter stronger around one another and provide predictable tracking through technical terrain.

  • Stainless steel dropouts to dramatically increase frame strength at the dropout.