Steel and Titanium Gravel Bikes

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Team tested & proven

On and off the race course.

Titanium and steel gravel bikes that can handle any ride from dirt touring in Uganda, to the Land Run 100 & DKXL 350, to a season of muddy CX.

When we set out to build our gravel bikes, we came at it from the perspective that gravel, unlike the road, is an extraordinarily varied terrain. To make the best gravel bike the geometry had to be rooted in drop bar design and race performance, while the compatibility options and durability had to be capable like a mountain bike. A wide array of tire widths, gear ranges and wheel sizes had to be customizable to individual events and quickly changing gravel conditions.


Terlingua Titanium

700c up to 50mm or 650b up to 2.1”


Terlingua Steel

700c up to 48mm or 650b up to 50mm


Stella Titanium

700c from 48mm to 3.0”