The URSA's slack head tube angle, downhill bottom bracket spacing and stable wheelbase let you take full advantage of the 29x3.0" tires during high speed cornering. The wider tires beg to be leaned over for the tight turns. The URSA is designed for versatility, fun on the trail and capable of overcoming a wide variety of trail conditions. Choose from our XC, Single Speed, or Backcountry builds. MADE IN USA.

What is 29 Plus?

29 plus is a mid-fat bike wheel size that uses 3.0" wide tires. The wheel size yields tons of fun, traction in the best and worst conditions and a smoother ride. The extra cushion of the mid-fat tires means you can ride this bike more aggressively and go farther. Riding on a 3.0" tire you can lean the bike much harder into turns allowing you to maneuver quickly on the trail. Ride the URSA 29+ tubed at 10-20 psi, enjoy soaking up the trail chatter at even lower pressures when you convert to tubeless.