Our proven design continues to lead the way for those seeking more tire and mud clearance, drivetrain compatibility and durability. The newest URSA 29plus, available now takes advantage of the latest hub & wheel standards, now utilizing 148x12 Boost rear hub spacing with a 73mm threaded bottom bracket while offering the same great tire and chain clearance as the original URSA 29plus! New also are our two colorways Hero Dirt and Storm Gray.

The CHUMBA URSA 29plus led the way as one of the first production plus bikes on the market. Traditionally, 29plus is a wheel size that used 3.0" tires. Now riders are using anything from 2.6-3.25" wide tires. These tire sizes yield tons of fun, traction in the best and worst conditions and a smoother ride. The extra cushion of the wider tires means you can ride this bike more aggressively and go farther. A plus bike's larger tires also allow for extremely low tire pressures usually between 8 and 20 psi. Riding on a plus bike tire you can lean the bike much harder into turns allowing you to maneuver quickly on the trail.