CHUMBA's roots were forged over 20 years ago in trail inspired designs and downhill championships. Building on that heritage we continue to make world class mountain bikes. CHUMBA's commitment to USA production means the same people who build, design and test your frame are the ones specing components, assembling, packaging your new ride, the same way CHUMBA began. We have devoted ourselves to making your ride experience the best it can be. Our no compromise USA manufacturing process is what it is today because of the values Ted Tanouye produced the very first CHUMBA National Championship DH frames with. We are proud to carry on his legacy at CHUMBA Cycles USA! The racing legacy of CHUMBA is poured into every frame that we produce. Every CHUMBA you see is a result of our process of developing, innovating, and race testing.

CHUMBA has sponsored many riders including:

* Lars Tribus - 2008 Masters World Championship Silver Medalist, 2003 Masters World Champion

* Lisa Sher 2002 NORBA National DH Champion

* Duncan Riffle - 2004 NORBA National DH Champion

* Pistol Pete Loncarevich - 1999 Worlds Master DH Champion, 1998 World Cup Dual 1st Place, most wins out of any BMX racer in history

* Shaums March - 2003 Redbull Rampage 4th place, 2004 Redbull Bike Battle 3rd place

* Jake Payne - 2008 NORBA Junior X 3rd Overall