Alexandera Houchin’s Tour Divide Winning Stella Titanium

Chumba Bikes are Handmade in the USA

At Chumba USA we build bicycles that will inspire you to ride and push your limits. Our bike frames are fabricated using the highest quality materials, mitered with precision and welded with intention. We are seeking to make beautiful, functional bikes that offer incredible compatibility and performance. In this way we commit to making you a bike, made in USA, that will be fun to ride for years to come.

Each frame design is tirelessly prototyped, team tested and race proven. Chumba bikes are designed for mountain biking, gravel grinding, bikepacking, cyclocross and road racing. We have options for complete bikes, frame only, and custom builds. Our proven designs have set numerous ultra-race records on the Tour Divide (among others) and are prepared for your next bikepacking trip, race day or trail ride.

Explore the Chumba USA lineup below

Mountain Bikes

Steel and Titanium MTB, XC, Endurance, Ultra and Bikepacking

Gravel Bikes

Steel and Titanium Gravel, Cyclocross and Dirt Touring

Road Bikes

Steel Race and Titanium All Road