Shenandoah Seat Bag

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Shenandoah Seat Bag



The Shenandoah Seat Bag is our lightweight seat bag for multi-day bikepacking adventures and epic all-day rides when you need to prepare for the unpredictable. 

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The Shenandoah seat bag excels at carrying your soft, compressible clothing and/or sleeping gear for exploring tight singletrack, gravel and road surfaces. It also works great for those winter fatty rides when you need to carry extra layers and supplies but don't want the annoyance of a sweaty backpack. Coming in at just under 12 ounces, the Shenandoah Seat Bag is constructed with lightweight XPAC fabric, ballistics nylon and non-slip fabric for bomber, rugged resilience. A great solution for 29ers, 29+ rigs, full suspension setups, and road/gravel minimalists. Pack it up, compress it down, cinch it on and forget about it while you enjoy the ride.


  • Dry bag style roll down opening that allows for expanding or compressing the volume of the bag, offering 6-12 liters of carrying capacity.
  • Stable in bumpy singletrack & able to be mounted level to the saddle for descending off the saddle.
  • Orange nylon packcloth lines a portion of the interior to help see your contents
  • The top of the bag features four webbing loops with shock cord and a cord lock for securing a small jacket or rain pants behind the saddle without having to stop and open the bag.
  • Tapered construction leaves lots of room for leg/thigh clearance


  • Dimension Polyant XPAC fabric is used for the bulk of the construction with lightweight VX21 for black and durable X33 used for the Multicam option. A four-layer sailcloth style laminate, this fabric is extremely durable, lightweight and waterproof.
  • Durable non-slip Toughtek is used where bag is attached to your bike’s seat post and underside of your saddle.
  • Velcro and webbing straps with ITW Nexus locking cam buckles are utilized for secure, non-slip attachment to your saddle rails and seat post.
  • HDPE plastic stiffeners are used on the front side panels and on the interior bottom of the bag for structure and support 


  • Very universal fit, fits any saddle
  • Roll the bag opening towards the sky to get additional clearance from the tire, or roll it down to keep the bag level with the saddle for room to get behind the saddle on descents.
  • Requires a minimum of 4" of exposed seat post for secure attachment and 7" of clearance from the tire to bottom of the saddle. If using on a full suspension bike, be sure to test out with the suspension fully compressed to make sure there's enough tire clearance before taking it out for a ride. 


  • Volume: 6-12 liters
  • Weight: 11.5 oz for black, 12.0 oz for Multicam