Rattlesnake Stem-Bar Bag

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Wanderlust+gear+rattlesnake+stem+handlebar+bar+bag2 (1).jpg

Rattlesnake Stem-Bar Bag


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The Rattlesnake Stem/Bar Bag is an essential piece of gear for maximizing your water and food storage on bikepacking trips, ultra/endurance races, epic day rides or even commuting.

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Our new Rattlesnake stem bag is a fresh take on a timeless bikepacking piece of kit.

  • We’ve done lots of testing to ensure a stiffer bag that is much easier to use with your bottle’s exit and entry. Utilizing material selection and placement to increase stiffness means the bag keeps its shape better

  • We now also have a trim adjustment for how you can angle the bag utilizing a cross pattern daisy chain underneath.

  • Stronger materials throughout while still being ultralight.

  • Two pockets and a design that allows one model of the bag to be used on either side of the bike while having access to all pockets! That’s means 4 pockets at once!

  • It’s also slightly taller so now it can hold taller bottles as well as short bottles

  • A simpler attachment layout built using all replaceable straps and daisy chains in 360º

Our square shape for a better fit in the stem and bar nook with slightly larger volume than most of the existing options out there. Offering plenty of room for a standard water bottle and a few bars, or just fill it up to the brim with food. The Rattlesnake bag can also function as a great spot to store rain/wind layers for quick access or electronics for use during your trip. We find ourselves leaving these on even for trail rides as they create a stable and easy to reach place to store ride essentials.


  • Fastest access to items

  • Fits a full size 32oz Nalagene bottle and standard/large bike bottles

  • Quick and easy attachment to your handlebar, stem and fork crown using a simple and replaceable strap system

  • New stronger and replaceable lower strap



  • Fits any bike connecting to the stem and handlebar

  • Use individually or as a pair on either side of the stem

  • Create a bar system by using Rattlesnake bags with a Pinion Pocket or the Sawtooth Main roll

  • Attachment 1” burly daisy chain webbing integrates directly into the Sawtooth Main Roll or Pinion Pocket and your stem or handlebar

  • Works with Mountain or Road Handlebars


  • Durable DWR Cordura outer shell

  • Orange DWR Packcloth interior that can fold out of the bag for easy to wipe out cleaning. Bright orange helps to see items inside the bag

  • Nexus Buckle

  • Improved higher denier Ripstop Nylon enclosure with reflective bungee cord offers some protection from the elements


  • Previous model was 7" tall, 4" wide, the new version is slightly taller for a better bottle fit on bigger and smaller bottles.

  • Previous model was 90 to 110 grams, updated weight coming soon but it is really close to the same.


Drawing its name from Missoula favorite backyard riding area, the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area. Located just a few miles from downtown the 'snake' allows for after work evening rides and quick, sub-24 hour overnight trips. Like its namesake, the Rattlesnake Stem Bag offers quick access to a water bottle, snacks, small camera, or other items you need to get to while riding.