Beargrass Top Tube Bag


Beargrass Top Tube Bag


The Beargrass Top Tube bag provides an ultra stable and universal lightweight solution to riders needing more carrying capacity. It's replaceable daisy chain attachment system means you won't have any weird strap interference with other bags and you can attach it many different ways.

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  • 3 Bottom Daisy chain attachment points w/ Toughtek Gripper protects the frame and keeps the bag locked in place
  • 3 Front Daisy chain attachment points offers the option to choose a position that best works with your stem 
  • The Daisy Chain also allows for the use of up to 6 replaceable velcro straps to make the bag super secure
  • Two internal side compartments with velcro straps for organization
  • One hand open and close
  • Zipper garage provides additional protection for your bag contents from harsh weather.  
  • Sturdy Bartacks throughout
  • Comes with 2 long 1" velcro uni-wrap straps
Seb Dunne's ultralight Tour Divide cockpit Bag set-up #teamchumbausa

Seb Dunne's ultralight Tour Divide cockpit Bag set-up #teamchumbausa


  • Uniquely universal
  • The Daisy Chain mounting system solves the problem of overlapping frame bag straps. Simply route the frame bag strap into the Beargrass Daisy chain or move the provided velcro loop forward or rearward to not conflict with your frame bags strapping
  • This bag can be connected to our Divide frame bag w/ Daisy chain also to make a clean set up using only one velcro strap at the front of the bike for the 2 bags.
  • A second Beargrass Top Tube bag can also be used attached to the seatpost and top tube for even more storage
  • Width is optimized to carry the most snacks and items while not getting in the way of your legs
  • Optionally the bag can be tied on


  • Constructed with ultra durable DWR coated Cordura
  • Two removable HDPE plastic inserts provide rigidity and ease of opening
  • A layer of closed cell foam is used on the front/bottom panel to provide padding for storage of electronic devices and reduce rattling of tools, etc.
  • YKK Uretek water-resistant zipper can be easily opened and closed with one hand and a rugged
  • Glow-in-the-dark zipper pull on Orange pull cord


  • Holds a whopping 10 Clif Bars!
  • 8" long x 4" tall x 3" wide
  • Weight: 120 grams